Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toronto Star Article + Critical Thinking = Shocking Results!

As promised, here's another post to make up for my short Thursday drop. Here's an article that we analyzed in my critical thinking class:
bush article

Interestingly enough, Rick Anderson (the author), was a campaign director for the Reform party.

Imagine that this was delivered as a speech - it'd be much harder to analyze, and a lot more convincing. It's scary how he acknowledges that there probably weren't any weapons of mass destruction, yet dismisses it later on as if it's not a big deal (when it was the justification for the attack on Iraq to begin with!). 

This is politics, people. Some amazing stuff, isn't it? (No Sarcasm).


- knowledge


  1. i always thought you thought politics is retarded. i, for one, think that politics is interesting because it's all about the power of words. amazing stuff when you really analyze them. if you know how to communicate effectively you can get almost whatever you want, in my opinion. You should check out Bush's speech after 9/11: he isn't as stupid as people thought. he actually used some really influential tactics in his speech that ultimately lead to what he wanted.


  2. lmao, this comment is totally going to be based on your article & your legend/side notes. omgosh hahaha! I couldn't help but state that you're like the only guy that I've ever seen who does their notes like that.. or maybe I'm just going crazy. hahaha.

    Literally, all my articles I had to do for Human Development, I did the same way. The underlining/highlighting, then adding a legend. Ha!

    Go Alvin!!!!
    Pardon me for not having anything to merge into in regards to the discussion-invoking posts that you normally publish on here! haha



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