Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Be-All-End-All-To-Inception Note (aka STFU)

Maybe reality's what you want it to be. Maybe it's irrelevant whether or not the top was spinning. Maybe there was another level of dreaming left...but maybe he didn't care. Did you notice that he spinned it and walked away?

If there's anything to be learned from that movie, it's that "catharsis" is possible in dreams AND in reality - you can gain closure just as easily in your dreams/memory as you can in reality. Yeah, ignorance is bliss...but knowledge can be just as equally fulfilling. Picking between the two means deciding between you'd "rather be happy or right" (thanks to Adam Veroni, who said this 2 years ago).  

Has it not occurred to you people that maybe there's a reason Nolan left the ending ambiguous and gave just as many clues to either interpretation?  

Yeah, it was a great hop off its nuts. All of a sudden, everyone's a beard-massaging philosopher.  

In closing...shut the fuck up. If this is seriously the first time you guys have ever tripped the fuck out...then maybe you should pick up a book up more often. Or maybe try thinking about shit - I guarantee it'll mess you up as much as this movie did (if you're not retarded). 

I also don't care if this contains spoilers - It had the words "BE-ALL-END-ALL" beside "Inception" & if you didn't see that coming, I wouldn't recommend for you to even watch the movie. You'd probably be just as equally entertained if you lit shit on fire and threw stuff in it.

Conclusiveness can only ever be as solid as the actual answer is.


- knowledge

Friday, July 9, 2010

HST & Democracy Reform Pt. 2

Now it's time for my hypothetical democracy reform.
I've seen so many people decline to vote because they don't support any of the candidates...and I'm starting to see why.
Instead of deferring your vote, or voting for who you want, how about the option to vote for who you DON'T want. This is a better way of appeasing the masses, and it ensures that ALL minorities do get heard.

After e-mailing the MP in my constituency, I came to a dead end and eventually got ignored after a couple of back-and-forths.

After this, I got no reply. So, I've decided that I'm definitely not voting for the Liberals. I also doubt that I'm going to vote for the Convervatives. That leaves the green or NDP...which aren't strong runners to me, either. I'll most likely withold my vote...but that's because there isn't a good alternative.

I don't understand how voting isn't more necessary. An unheard voice is not a function of democracy because you're opting to silence yourself. That would be fine...if a part of our government wasn't a democracy. The problem with opting for silence is that you make the winner your choice, by default.
No vote is an unheard voice, and I'm sad to say that it seems like the best option.
We seriously need a REAL reform coupled with some public awareness. The problem is that no one gives a shit. And no one ever will, until it's too late and all they can do is jump ship. Ontarians are known for complaining (myself included), but never actually doing anything. I try to, but I'll admit that I don't do enough.
I love living in Toronto, and I hate the slippery slope that we're headed towards, but maybe a move somewhere else is in order when I get older.
It seems that we're not voting for positive progress, we seem to be voting for who will most likely screw us over the least - and if McGuinty's that option, I'm afraid to see what the others would do.

Oh yeah, and the eco tax just got introduced. 


- knowledge

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