Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"A Very Brave Woman"

It sucks 'cause she probably wouldn't have to do that if care about appearance wasn't so slanted towards women.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a vendetta against make-up. Up until that video, I actually despised make-up...but I hate it a lot less if it makes people like her feel better. Must be hard as hell to deal with that stuff. Especially when it's in their teens/younger adult years when it matters the most to the rest of the world.

I've always said that beauty lied primarily in facial structure (if it had to be physical), but I do know people who care about their bf/gf having clear skin. I feel for you ladies (in general) - there's just so much pressure that it's hard not to care about appearance.

But I still don't like make-up. I've never seen anyone who I honestly think NEEDS make-up (not even the chick in this video). I don't find her repulsive, but it saddens me that other people might.

Either way, I think it's admirable that she outed herself like that. Good for her.

- knowledge

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...Boss

IDGAF - this is boss as hell. Stay hungry ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is Tuition Really THAT Unreasonable in Ontario?

E-mail from the student federation at my university:
In May of this year, student representatives from across the country voted to call a national day of action in 2012 to demonstrate Canada-wide support for a national vision for higher education. This means on February 1, 2012 students from Victoria to St. John's will be taking to the streets to demand reductions in tuition fees, greater investment in college and university education and measures to alleviate student debt.

Is tuition really THAT bad? I did some calculations and on a bad year, it'll be 8k a year including textbooks. Minimum wage (10.25) for 20 hours a week, for the rest of the year will earn someone roughly 9000 dollars after tax returns and all that crap for students. Now, you factor in that minimum wage isn't even mandatory - there are plenty of student jobs that pay 12/hour at the very least. That comes to around $11000 dollars after tax returns. So that gives students more than enough spending money. If they want even more spending money, they can find plenty of jobs that'll pay 15/hour. Or they could even find a higher-paying job, work less, and still afford this "insane tuition" (which, by the way, is 10000 - ~50000 a year in the United States).

On top of all this, it seems like people forget that OSAP is a privilege; not something that we're entitled to. If you can't work and focus on school at the same time, then the government's nice enough to give you an interest-free until you graduate. I'd even go so far as saying that being able to go to a university in another city isn't something that we're entitled to get a loan for.

WTF gives? Are students just whiny little babies, or am I missing something here?

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