Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Mission Statement

Revised on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
So while the mission statement has pretty much stayed the same, the content has changed a lot. This blog has basically grown with me over the years, and I guess the name of the blog is ironically even more fitting since it's sort of been a scrapbook of my thoughts over the years.

Some views have changed, some have remained the same, but I go back from time to time to read; just out of curiosity.

Life's taught me a lot, and it continues to teach me a lot - it's nice to have a record of the lessons and inspirations.


Officially launched on Friday, October 23, 2009.
If you're a first-time reader or new to this...then this is the place to introduce yourself (comment box on the bottom).

Mission statement:
the purpose of this blog is to promote critical thinking, logic, & reflection; something many people seem to overlook. It's not about you guys telling me I'm right, or agreeing with what I write. It's more about discussing & being able to question everything around us. It's about being able to send you guys off in a direction you might have never explored. I appreciate it when someone opens my mind to something, or teaches me something, or shows me something in a completely different light - hopefully it's the same for you guys.

I plan to write about social issues, reflections, thought processes, humour, satire, parodies, philosophy, religion, spirituality, nature, and pretty much anything I find interesting. Every now and then, I will delve into politics - but it really isn't my lane. I wasn't able to take Philosophy for my program, so in a way this is going to be my fix. I plan to try to discuss, analyze, and break down things that we often ask ourselves but give up before we're able to find an answer.

In short: these are some of my thoughts - some of the random things that I think about on any given day.
Philosophy's done a lot for me. I can only hope it does the same for the intellectuals who read this and for the non-intellectuals who at least bother to try.

Don't forget that this is interactive - please feel free to comment/post your thoughts...that's the whole point of this.
All I ask is that at the end of each comment, you sign it with a dash (-) & your name. If you don't do that, I'll be tempted to delete the comment :).

- knowledge


  1. Hey! First off,kudos to you. This should be interestingg & I think this is a great idea! I actually miss my philosophy class :( Hope to see some posts soon!


  2. I believe we're all intellectuals.
    - Anonymous

  3. How do you know what we have is knowledge. What if all we have right now is just impermanant understanding. This ties into our whole do we exist debate. But then again to think upon that topic, knowledge is required. It just one big circle.

  4. @Poonam:
    Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

    Good question. My answer is that I don't. I can base my decision on the fact that it's grounded by logic, reason, and evidence...but that's it. An educated guess is always better than a random one, so I'll take that route.

    I'm still trying to figure out if any absolutes even exist...but until then, "knowledge," or the chase of it might be the closest I'll ever come to an answer.

    Btw, PLEASE don't forget to leave your name when commenting. I'd hate to have to delete a good comment because of that.

  5. Bring on the discussions!!!!!

  6. I'm looking forward to the discussions.

  7. The first topic's already been written. I'm planning on dropping at least one piece, every Thursday. I might have smaller posts between each main one - depending on how often the urge to write comes to me.

  8. “How do you know what we have is knowledge. What if all we have right now is just impermanant understanding. This ties into our whole do we exist debate.”
    Well that can just be another criticism back to the understanding of knowledge and who defines knowledge or what is knowledge? How do we know that knowledge has to be an absolute (if absolutes do exist) and not simply be an impermanent understanding of the whole? I think of it as a puzzle, completing ¼ would still mean that the completed piece is certain, which as stated above could be backed up by logic, reason and evidence. Simply having an understanding or “knowing” would still be considered as having limited knowledge which I still personally believe to be considered knowledge even though it’s not absolute. “I think; therefore I am” can be knowledge of knowing that I do exist. It’s better to have knowledge backed up as opposed to holding a belief or understanding based on mere doubt or “impractical” suggestions such as the notion on whether humans exist.


  9. Poonam said...

    k, so i think i'm going to make an account here so im not reffered to as anonymouss haha

  10. alvin, pretty clever to come up with something like this. I'll be sure to check up on this blog on the regzz lol. peace
    - justin

  11. ok, so I'm in psych right now and obviously diligently taking notes down :)
    Definitely looking forward to that speech that you're talking about.
    - Jen ML

  12. Interesting :)
    Look forward to reading instead of paying attention in my "philosophy of beauty" class. hahaha.

    Take care Alvin.
    - Jo

  13. It's two in the morning I think my thinking juices come alive at this time of the night(actually wee hours of the morning) but yes I've finally decided to read this blog that honestly, I was hesitant to read for a while. mmkayz



  15. aha...hey Daniel. Good to see you found your way on here. Be sure to subscribe if it's something that interests you!



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