Friday, May 6, 2011

So Trippy!

My friend tried this while he was drunk and he fell over. Try it!


- knowledge

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No vote = No right to complain?

(Written on May 2)
So today's the day and I still can't decide.

I figure that if I really can't pick, I just won't vote. But then I started thinking: if I don't vote, then am I not allowed to bitch for the next couple of years until the next election? It's not like I'm going to stop paying my taxes this year, so surely, I still have the right to care about how well (or horribly) fiscal management goes.

Does my refusal to be a part of the process exclude me from the repercussions (or benefits...if we're lucky. ha). And if it does, then how is that any different from the next guy who votes for the candidate who DOES end up being the most atrocious tax-money spender?

Does democracy still extend to the non-voters? About 40% of Canadian citizens don't vote. So then I started thinking that maybe voting should be mandatory. Several countries do have this - it's illegal not to vote.

 But would this go against the very concept of democracy? How can people be forced to choose? Would the pressures of mandatory voting actually lend more harm to the process (through random and careless voting)?

Just some questions for the mind, I guess.


- knowledge


I'm also putting together 2 years worth of textbook picture fails. Hang tight for that one.

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