Friday, October 15, 2010

GLAAD, Anderson, & The Dilemma - "Electric Cars Are Gay"
Tl;dr: guy in comedy movie says "electric cars are gay", gay guy gets offended, & tells them to take that scene out.

As chris rock once said: "it's all about context"

Honestly, this guy needs to stop being such a fucking pussy.

Oh noes, someone said something offensive & outlandish in a comedy movie!!!!!11111oneoneone

It's comedy. It's supposed to be funny. That's actually an objectively funny line. I've got nothing against gay people - I even have a couple of them myself. "C'mon, son". Grow the fuck up.

It's a hard life for a gay person (hypothetically speaking, of course *looks around nervously*). If you're not used to getting bashed on by people who can't understand or tolerate gay people...then I'm not sure that there's much hope for you.

Yes, it's gotten better...but homophobia still exists. My advice is for you to stop being such a pansy. I don't cry to the media when they make asian jokes ('cause you know, comedy movies do make jokes from time to time).

Tl;dr? Dear gay guy, stop being such a prissy faggot. And this is coming from someone who has nothing against the LGBT community, appreciates the seriousness of bullying, but can appreciate humour objectively.


- knowledge

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