Friday, October 1, 2010

Picking A Folder For My "Meaning Of Life"

I was going to pick a folder for my "Meaning Of Life" (Philosophy) course, and I decided to go with black one. After all, life's an unfair, grim thing. 

But then I realized that you gravitate towards what you'd like to then I decided to use a yellow folder - life's great, joyful, and full of pleasure. Unfortunately, I had no yellow folders left.

So I settled for white. Life starts off pure. So do we. We're innocent, carefree, and even optimistic about things. But over time, the folder gets scuffed up. No matter how much you take care of it, it won't be perfect. It won't always be how you want it to be - it's ever-changing.

I guess what matters the most, are the contents of the folder: "the meaning of life," so to speak. Our unfinished works, our failures, our successful works, our evaluated works, and everything about us determines how important that folder is. We fill the pages, and if we're lucky...we make it to the end of the course with the folder still intact (albeit torn up and raggedy).

But then I realized that it's just a folder for some papers. 

I suppose it depends how you look at it. I've been doing lots of existentialist readings, so things could get interesting.


- knowledge

p.s. it's the same (non-b.s. excuse): I have too much to say, and can't decide what. Ideas keep piling in, new arguments keep getting thought of, and pieces just keep adding up. 


  1. tabula rasa much? Locke would be pleased at your choice of colour.

    perhaps after reading some more existentialism you'll realize there is no folder at all. your life is bound by the notes you take, not the folder you use.

  2. Absolutely tabula rasa! Well...I'd say that it depends more on the person, but maybe that's another topic altogether.

    & I think you misread what I wrote:
    "I guess what matters the most, are the contents of the folder: "the meaning of life," so to speak".

    - knowledge



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