Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday?!

What's the deal with good Friday?

It's a good Friday 'cause I'll be getting paid time and half, and it's a "good" Friday because I don't have class.

Aside from that...I don't understand ANYTHING about "good friday". Sure, there's the history, but how about the traditions?

My mom told me not to ride because it's bad luck. Apparently, it's bad to go out because Jesus is dead and he won't be able to protect me. News flash: god's probably still alive. And I also highly doubt that god/jesus/whoever cares, either. Plus, if anything...the roads are safer 'cause everyone's either: a) staying at home, afraid of anything bad that might happen outside the protective barrier of their house b) everything's closed, so families tend to stay home. 

On top of that...I don't see why everyone has to suddenly become all sad. Relax, Jesus is going to rise from the dead on Monday. He's done so for the past 2009 years...I highly doubt that he's going to break this metaphorical tradition out of nowhere. "OMG, Jesus, you're alive? I didn't see that coming."

Furthermore, how is it a good friday if Jesus was nailed to a cross and died because people basically thought he was a witch?! 

Small post, I know. I promise that my next one's going to be really good. I've just been really busy. Ironically, it's not with school or work.


- knowledge

1 comment:

  1. i see that people have stayed away from this topic. i too don't believe in the traditional beliefs but I do believe in what we are mourning that day. and yes, to be sad for one day is ridiculous but I guess it comes down to how emotional and deeply connected you are to that belief. I mean Jesus was probably not born in december... nor did he die in april but honestly ... not mourning that days is like i don't know not celebrating the freedom of Jews from the holocaust. Far fetched and probably incomparable but the belief is that our only saviour died for us. to be saved from our sins. regardless whether its fact or not, people believe that therefore that is something to be sad about. and yes he rose again from the dead, but because of OUR sins he had to suffer in the first place. that is why people are sad and mourning. That is why I get sad and I mourned because to my belief someone died because I have sinned.



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