Monday, March 29, 2010

Everybody Gets Used For Something

"Everybody gets used for something. And if you're not being used...then that means you're useless. And well, that's not something that you want to be." - Mordeth13 

 I heard someone say this about 2 years ago...and if I could find the video, I'd post it.

 That right there, is how the world works. After seeing the world, and reason for why people do makes hard to think that there's any merit in altruism (last topic on this for a while, I swear!) 

 But either way, that isn't the point. It's about the valuable life lesson that people get used. Sometimes you let them, and sometimes you don't. 

 Success in life seems to be about diversifying yourself and making yourself marketable - you need to make yourself exploitable...but limit who exploits you, and how much they exploit you.

After all, isn't that what "working" is? You provide your service, for a fee. 

The more degrees/credibilities/experience that you have...the more of an asset you become.  

 I'm not suggesting that you kiss everyone's ass, but what I AM suggesting is that you understand the give & take needed, if you ever plan on getting what you want. 

 Think about it: what are friendships? It's essentially a companionship. If you're not enjoyable to be around, you're not "useable". If you're not're not "useable".

If you want to have your way, you need to make it so that others WANT you to have your way...or at least don't mind if you do. I'm not advocating that you be a sneaky, deceitful, deceptive bastard...but know your cards and when to play them. 

 This all sounds like common sense, but I've realized that not a lot of people know this. 

 In short: sell your soul to the devil, if you can buy it back for less. 

 Do what you NEED to do, in order to do what you WANT to. 


- knowledge

 P.s. Would that last part about selling your soul to the devil be as bad if I just chose to say "make yourself useful"? 

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