Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heidi Montag & The War Against Beauty/Perfection

For anyone who's dumb enough to be a fan of "The Hills"(oh hell naw!) show, or anyone who listens to the radio...I'm sure you've heard of everyone bashing Heidi Montag for getting like 10 procedures in one day  (click here).

I think all of you people need to fuck off. Or if you won't do that, then at least realize what you're implying by condemning plastic surgery & Heidi Montag. Plastic surgery is a step towards (subjective) perfection. Is it unrealistic? Of course it is. They're putting materials that aren't supposed to be in them, in them - but it's still striving for perfection, nonetheless.

I would say that Heidi Montag's a pretty attractive woman to begin with, and that she really didn't need the surgery. She looked fine the way that she was...but I'm not her - and that's what actually matters. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't make her look better, because it did!

For the parents who say that this sets unrealistic standards for your little daughters...maybe you should stop blaming people and work on making your daughter realize that the type of beauty gained from alterations like that aren't natural. Your value judgments don't matter, and to force your children to think about  plastic surgery as some evil thing is no more different than shoving your ideologies down your child's throat. Maybe it is evil, and maybe it isn't - but that's for your child to decide.

And how about people that say "oh, the image of 'beauty' that the media portrays is unattainable". They sure as hell are, but to blame that on the beautiful people would be to condemn beauty itself for not being a commodity. These people don't realize that what makes things beautiful is the way that everything comes together. It probably wouldn't be as appealing, or attractive if mediocre aesthetic appeal was the norm. What makes beauty so significant is the fact it's not as common as we'd all like it to be.

I never understood what made attractive people so despicable to the general public. it jealousy, envy, or legitimate hatred because of something that we don't have? After all, look at the critics: the one criticizing the sexy starlets who flaunt their curvaceous bodies are often the non-sexy starlets who are unable to flaunt their curvaceous bodies. Instead of pointing out the obvious, why not enjoy things for what they are. A beautiful woman's, a beautiful woman. 

It's a shame that people need to go to lengths of plastic surgery just to be satisfied with who they are...but then again, many of us go to great lengths, in other respects, in order to be satisfied of who WE are. After all, everyone's got their own demons to fight.

Take it beauty at its face value, and leave it at that. 



- knowledge

p.s. I checked out a debate for "Upcoming superpowers: Chinv
a vs. India" and I've been reminded on how much I've been missing out on, by neglecting debate team meetings.

p.p.s. I start writing a book this week...hopefully


  1. Nothing wrong with trying to pursue perfection but there can be things wrong with how you do it (i.e. 10 surgeries in one day)
    i mean, You can teach billy to make money, but is it through slinging crack or getting a high school diploma

  2. And slinging crack is supposed to be comparable to getting 10 surgical procedures in one day? Would it be less wrong if she only had 2? Or how about 1, over a period of 10 days?

    Let's say that 2 people want to lose weight. One does so by exercising every day. The other one does it by working another job in order to save up for liposuction. What does it matter?

  3. So you're saying.. that everyone goes through great lengths for their appearance; it's just the amount of cash you spend on it that separates people?

  4. ^ Dash & a name please...

    That's a horrible assumption. I'm saying that the amount of effort put in is what separates people. If the end-result is a congruent self-image, then maybe it doesn't matter how you get there.

  5. Oh, that's sort of what I meant.. replace "amount of cash" into the amount of effort.

    Interesting point of view; refreshing.. segregated from people who continuously bash others for plastic surgery when they lash out money on things that is just as good.

  6. man, thats like saying paint your teeth white instead of brushing them, its a way no less of doing it but its rather un intelligent.

    liposuction does't prolong your life, or clear arteries

    what does it matter how much effort you put in if what you are putting it in isn't thought out.
    should someone who works really hard to cheat be rewarded.
    how is plastic surgery more effort on self image than jogging? if i have 80 grand laying around and the choice between losing weight on the treadmill over a the course of a year or in the doctors chair in a week the treadmill option would seem less like a cop out.

    also, you said some shit about how beauty is significant, seems like anybody with money can buy it. seems as though the only real criteria is money, if this is the case than every millionaire is a potential beauty.

  7. The point of liposuction is to remove excess fatty tissue. I'm pretty sure that doctors don't promise to clear arteries or prolong life. I'm not gonna argue the benefits of working out vs. procedures - that isn't the point that I'm trying to make.

    Is Rihanna spending $840 000 a year in order to stay fit not excess, too? How about the women who have overly-large breasts and get reduction surgery? No matter how you cut it, this right vs. wrong way that you're trying to get at, doesn't exist.

    "should someone who works really hard to cheat be rewarded."
    I'll admit, that was a pretty good one. But these rules of how people are supposed to lose weight don't exist. There aren't any guidelines set in stone. Procedures are just generally frowned upon.

    "also, you said some shit about how beauty is significant, seems like anybody with money can buy it. seems as though the only real criteria is money,
    You and I both know that this isn't news to anyone. Breast enlargement, facial reconstruction, and botox are all attempts toward looking more (subjectively) beautiful. I'm not a fan of make-up, but that doesn't mean that any girl who wears it, shouldn't.

    "if this is the case than every millionaire is a potential beauty."
    They could...but they probably won't be. I find that beauty, for the most part already exists. People originally either look good, or they don't. There are very few examples of people who looked horrid & got ridiculously good-looking after procedures. At best, gains in beauty are minimal - people usually already have the frame, or existing facial structure that just gets a bit of tweaking.



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