Saturday, April 16, 2011

"You Only Live Once!"

So my new thing as of late has been saying "you only live once". Usually, it's for dumb shit that doesn't make sense. But I also say it because I've realized that "you only live once" is actually as much of a reason not to do something as it is to do something.

If there's anything that I've learned from the short time that I've been here, it's that regrets usually suck much more than disappointments do. I'd rather know than wonder. 

Why not eat that baconator? Who cares - you only live once. Why not talk to her? Who cares - you only live once. Why get on a motorcycle? You only live once. Why not date another asian chick? You only live once. Haha...okay, this last one's just silly talk. 


By the way, my next post is a shitload of pictures which took me thousands of pages of reading, people in the library looking at me while I laugh to myself, and that annoying-ass sound that your phone makes when you take a picture, and 2 years to compile. I should have some more free time after this weekend + school's done, so I'm really hoping to put some of that long-lost time back into my blog.

I'm also considering vlogging/doing verbal pieces on my bike, so we'll see how that goes - I'm still undecided, but I may cross-post bike vlogs on here from time to time.

Lastly, sorry for being so hard to get ahold of this past two months - it's been really hectic. 


- knowledge

1 comment:

  1. btw, mothafuck Drake, his YOLO crap, and the people who never heard of this saying before him.



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