Monday, November 9, 2009

Incompetent Teachers

As I write this, I should be studying for a midterm that I have. BUT...I figure, why bother? I have a test that I know close to nothing about.

I have a professor that still moves the mouse over to the "x" button to minimize a youtube window. She also uses Microsoft Word for her lectures(I'm not sure she even knows what the powerpoint icon looks like). She literally reads her lecture notes verbatim from the projector, except she adds "Umm..."s in between sentences (how is that even possible?) She also actually presses the button to scroll down...through pages of size 22 font.

A student once asked her about the central concept of an idea that she was teaching...and she didn't know the answer.

One class, I gave up trying to understand what the fuck she was trying to I checked to see what had to say about her:
"Who knows whats going on in that head of hers. Not her, thats for sure, and as a result, not me either."

Which leads me to my main point: if you're not qualified to teach, then don't. My class of 60 took the course hoping that it would be interesting, but she really doesn't do the subject any justice. I can understand sulking through a mandatory course...but an elective? A course which I chose?

I'm sure that this happens to a lot of students. From the stories I hear, I really don't even have it that bad. But I refuse to get shafted from a proper education which I rightfully paid for. The last time I checked, University wasn't a charity for people who can't teach.

I don't give a shit if she has 5 kids to feed, is putting her niece from (insert foreign country here) through education, and might be the only breadwinner of the family...if you can't teach, then don't.

Students don't shell out thousands a year (or in this case, hundreds for a course) only to get gipped. Much like reading the newspaper: before I took this course, I was that I'm taking it, I'm mis-informed. Tell me how that's right?

I've got a simple formula for society to follow: do your job as efficiently as possible, and make sure you're qualified for it. If people followed this, the world would honestly be a better place. Not only would it be better, it'd be less problematic. A less problematic world = a happy world. Can you imagine a world where neurosurgeons don't exactly quite know what they're doing? Or a world where engineers aren't sure if the building might collapse at any given moment? How about a world where a population's severely mis-informed? Do I really need to start busting out definitions of what "teach" means?

If I wanted to pay hard-earned money to teach myself from wikipedia, I would've done that, except it'd be for free. My teacher's getting the boot, and I'm going to make sure that I do everything in my power to make it happen - or at least get her into some workshops. Times are changing, professor - get with them, or get the fuck out.

I'm posting this AFTER my test, but I decided to leave the tenses as they are.

If you know what I'm talking about, or agree with what I'm it in your status or something.


- knowledge


  1. Bro, you need to be in business for yourself. Unfortunately, the system is an entitlement system. It teaches entitlement... "I have a degree so I should get so and so job"- Not "I have this skill which is worth this much to your company and I believe I could be an asset." The system teaches people that because they get little peices of paper they are entitled to something regardless of their performance---in a pure laizze faire world this stupid system would be a forgotten memory.

  2. @ Jo:

    It took me so long to figure out which "Jo" it was. Then I realized that it said "ATL". Now that I know who it is... I hope all's well with you guys!

    You're right about the degrees, but there's really no choice but to play the game. At the same time, it's better to have some sort of process to weed out people who are COMPLETELY unfit for a profession...but the problem is that it doesn't matter what grade you get - you only need the slip that says that you've got a certain degree (even if you barely passed to get it).

    I don't get how a "laissez-faire" system would fix this. Isn't it already laissez-faire? The government doesn't hire the teachers? The only intervening that the government does is deciding what minimum criteria is used to hire them. Personally, I'm thinking we're better off with inadequate standards than no standards at all...

    They could be a lot better though.


    - knowledge



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