Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Change for Others?

I was watching a show called Community and the main characters are concerned for one of their friends, Abed, because he's a bit unconventional. They worry for him because they find out that some girl might like him (and she's actually attractive). They're afraid that he might not get another shot at a girl like this. They try to change Abed by giving him advice on how to behave, act, and talk. Abed follows their instructions only to have the group realize in the end that they didn't really need to "help" him.

In the end, they find out that he actually never had a problem with girls - that he even pretty much has enough game to get any one that he wants; and he does. He tells them that people try to help him all the time and they get frustrated when he doesn't let them he lets them find out for themselves and he changes for his friends because it matters more to them than it does to him.

"Changing for other people isn't such a big deal when you know who you are and what you really like about yourself." - Abed Nadir, Community

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