Friday, January 21, 2011

An Appreciation of Etymology + A Good Quote

"Boguard it, every moment is precious" 

 Instead of telling you guys what it means, look into the etymology. It'll make the phrase THAT much more meaningful. Forget pictures; words can sometimes say just as much.

 Post up if you think you get it. Maybe you'll understand why I love good quotes so much. 
Hint: You'll need more than one site to figure it out.


 - knowledge


  1. Sorry for the late reply: Both are correct, but depending on the use, one can be more correct. But I find it interesting that even if you decide on one, it still has conflicting definitions.

    I'm sure you found this out, but the saying evolved from Humphrey Bogart, who used to do interviews and talk while he had a cigarette in his mouth. It became an expression of trying to squeeze the most out of everything that you possibly can (in his case, his leaving the cigarette in his mouth meant that none of it was wasted in between puffs). For a while, it was used only when referring to smokes/cigarettes/joints/etc.

    That REALLY changed when it evolved to Boguard. This one's is usually used in 2 senses: to steal something, or to hog it. On top of all that, there's still the clever pun/inclusion of guard. With all of that in mind, what it means completely changes depending on which interpretation you want to go with.

  2. How are they conflicting definitions? I see the varying technicalities but I think when it comes down to it they both revolve around the notion of trying to get as much out of something with as much effort possible. To hog something is to preserve something.

    Funny thing, Bogart came into my head first after hearing that line thanks to Casablanca. If you saw the movie, you might understand why..

  3. They're conflicting in that when you hog something, it's (at the very least,) partly yours. When you steal something, it isn't yours to begin with. I'll definitely try to watch Casablanca this weekend...



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