Sunday, December 20, 2009

Freaky Signs & Miracles

A couple of nights ago, I was typing a piece when all of a sudden, "Life without knowledge is death in disguise" just appears onto my phone's screen. It's close to 3 in morning, so I'm spooked as hell. I try to find a logical explanation for how it might've happened. A software glitch, maybe? I look at the other pieces I've written on my phone, and the only one that had that quote was deleted months ago. It couldn't have been a copy & paste function, because I never copied OR pasted that.

Fast forward to a couple of days later: I was messaging someone and it happened again! I found out that "sig" = a hot key to post my homescreen quote.

This set me off and got me thinking about a bunch of different things (crazy how this one thing does so much for me, huh? Imagine when I actually have a conversation with someone...) Maybe there's an explanation for EVERYTHING, it's just a matter of finding it.

How naive of me to think that miracles actually do happen...

You know what miracle I would like to happen though?
...nevermind =/

I gotta admit, it was a pretty dope "sign" while it lasted.


- knowledge


  1. Agreed.
    This always happens to me when I'm inclined to make a decision that I know is most likely the wrong one. I'll consider the stupidest coincidence a sign that I should go ahead and make that decision. I think we use the whole "sign" concept as an excuse to actually do soemthing we wanna do but are unsure about.

    p.s you should be SO thankful that you were messaging the MOST AMAZING person in the universe. If it weren't for her, you'd still think blackberries were possessed :D


  2. "Sig" is one letter short of "sign"
    ...maybe it's a sign!!

    - knowledge

  3. beh we can all critisize signs. I say even if they're fake it gets things going. So why not huh?

    - =D

  4. lmfao. brilliant. i def did not think that you would believe in signs or miracles so as i went on reading this post it was just so funny. Glad to know that I`m still right lol.




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